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Victory for CFJ Client in Federal Court Sends Wrongful Death Suit to Arbitration

CFJ's Rodney Jacob and Kathy Fisher are representing two Norwegian insurance companies in litigation relating to the proper venue for a wrongful death claim. A federal court judge in Guam ruled on March 9, 2017 on behalf of the companies finding that the dispute belongs in arbitration in Norway under the terms of an underlying arbitration agreement.

Daily Journal Highlights CFJ's Guam/San Francisco Connection

An article in the Daily Journal, "Lawyer's commute is 17 time zones," features CFJ's Kathy Fisher and the firm's unique capability to seamlessly handle cases in California, Guam and Saipan.  According to the article, "Even after more than 16 years of flying across the Pacific Ocean to try cases, Kathleen V. Fisher is still trying to find the right work-life balance.  A San Francisco-based name partner at Guam-based Calvo Fisher & Jacob LLP, Fisher is one of a few California lawyers who is admitted to practice in the Micronesian islands of Guam and Saipan." 

CFJ Prevails in Guam Supreme Court for Docomo

On December 19, 2012 the Guam Supreme Court ruled in favor of Docomo, affirming the judgement of the Superior Court of Guam in the case of Ramos v. Docomo Pacific, Inc., 2012 Guam 20. Edgar Ramos had sued Docomo Pacific for wrongful termination, but the trial court had dismissed his complaint.  Attorneys at Calvo Fisher & Jacob briefed the case to the Supreme Court and CFJ partner Kathy Fisher successfully argued the case on behalf of Docomo.