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Pangelinan Joins Fellow PUC Commisioners in Vote to Keep Guam Power Bills Low

The Guam Public Utilities Commission decided on Thursday, July 30 to keep power rates low despite a recent increase in the cost of fuel.  CFJ Partner Michael Pangelinan is a member of the Commission. According to an article in Pacific Daily News: "Guam residents will continue to enjoy lower power bills, possibly until the end of January . . . Commissioners Thursday evening voted unanimously to keep the current fuel charge in place, stating they are concerned about the impact higher power bills would have on an island still reeling from the coronavirus pandemic."

Pangelinan is quoted in the article: "Commission member Mike Pangelinan said the PUC is supposed to exercise its judgment when setting the fuel charge, and said increasing power costs would have a psychological impact on the island, which is in 'unprecedented dire straits.' 'I think any increase at this moment is something I would have trouble voting for,' he said."